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Steely Dan dare to give a more-open-than-usual interview

By Sylvie Simmons Sounds Magazine It’s not every day that Steely Dan bare their souls to the public. But amid the palm trees and coke bottles at the Bel Air Hotel, all was revealed — if not all, at least a lot for Steely Dan. Warning: at times this interview degenerates into the Becker and Fagan […]

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Fancy Dan

Nobody’s making better music than an unlikely duo named after a dildo By Arthur Lubow New Times Magazine “Very fancy music,” says William Burroughs. He is listening to Black Friday, a rollicking rock and roll song about a stock market crash. He has agreed to hear the music of Steely Dan in the bar of the Boulderado Hotel (a […]

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Recluse Rock

By Janet Maslin and Dewey Gram Newsweek There is something forbidding, even menacing, about them. When they played backup for Jay and the Americans, they were nicknamed “Manson and Starkweather.” But now that singer-keyboardist Donald Fagen and guitarist Walter Becker are the nucleus of Steely Dan, perhaps the best and certainly the most imaginative American […]

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Showbiz Kids: Talking with Jeff Baxter, and a Critical View of Steely Dan

By Chris Briggs ZigZag Magazine Interviewing an American musician is a unique experience. The inevitable myth precedes actuality. Three Steely Dan albums and 18 months of impressions formed within the confines of one’s own stereo systems and no opportunity to see the band play live. Simple manipulation of the media guarantees “cult band” status, and […]

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Band Breakdown: Steely Dan

By Chris Welch Melody Maker Steely Dan, in their short time together, have been hailed as one of the best bands to emerge from America in a long time. They have set the US rock scene back on a road to musical creativity, and helped free it from the dominance of British bands, established over […]

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Reelin’ in from Woolies

Yep. Woolworth’s was where Walter Becker got turned on and Donald Fagen got his Ticket to Ride from the Beatles. Together, they’re the core of Steely Dan, an American cult band catching on in Britain. By Steve Clarke New Music Express Woolworth’s seems hardly the place to get turned on to rock music—that’s where Walter […]

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Counting Down to Headline Status: Steely Dan

By Steven Rosen LA Free Press On Sept. 2, Steely Dan perform their first concert as headliners, that status which lifts the working-class band from the ranks of the bourgeois and places it in the stead of the nobility groups. After only two albums, the quintet has risen from a third-on-the-bill opening band to a […]

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Ultimate Spinach Meets Naked Lunch’s Dildo

By Judith Sims Rolling Stone LOS ANGELES — Steely Dan named itself after William Burroughs’ mighty dildo in Naked Lunch. “We just wanted to give the band a little more thrust than most other bands,” quipped Donald Fagen. It must have been a good idea; the group’s single, “Do It Again,” was a recent Top […]

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Steely Dan: Get Your Thrills Here

By Penny Valentine Sounds The most exciting new band to break from the States this year is Steely Dan. Can’t Buy A Thrill is the lie of a title they chose for their first album. By parting with your hard earned currency and acquiring this collection you are faced with a combination of startling and – […]

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Steely Dan: Rock & Roll via Third Stream

By Chris Van Ness LA Free Press It all started with one of the most casual hypes I have ever gotten. It came in the form of an advance tape of an album by a new group called Steely Dan. “Listen to it. I don’t know anything about the group, but I’m told they’re pretty […]

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