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Steely Dan Wrap Stand With ‘Gaucho’ Gig

By Jon Dolan Rolling Stone Last night Donald Fagen and Walter Becker got dressed, walked down the street and made a little lucre playing the most cynical music ever. The event was the final night of Steely Dan’s long stand at New York’s Beacon Theatre. They’ve been here since July playing the final three records […]

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Steely Dan: Gaucho

By Mitchell Cohen Creem She stomped into the living room, as much as one can stomp in pink slippers and an extra-large Close Encounters t-shirt, and conspicuously clicked the “stop” button of the cassette machine. I continued to write. “Steely Dan,” she announced, “are a symptom of everything that is wrong with our relationship.” Conversations that start with sentences […]

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Steely Dan interview

Those consummate troublemakers, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, are finally cornered, producing dangerously controversial observations on film, literature, Free Jazz, touring and the music of Steely Dan, undermining nearly every tenet of the music industry. By David Breskin Musician Magazine Three years, two hundred out-takes, a few mistakenly erased tracks, and one shattered shank after […]

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‘Gaucho’ Review

By Ariel Swartley Rolling Stone The thing you begin to notice, listening to Steely Dan’s songs, is that no one ever answers anyone. For all the talk — and their latest album, Gaucho, is as compulsively chatty as dinnertime on death row — there’s no conversation. Whoever keeps asking, “Who is that gaucho, amigo?” might as well […]

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‘Gaucho’: The Sardonic Style of Steely Dan

By Stephen Holden New York Times Nearly three years in the making, Steely Dan’s Gaucho (MCA-6102) is as refined as pop music can get without becoming too esoteric for a mass audience. Though it consists of only two men, Steely Dan must be counted one of the most influential rock “groups” of the past decade. […]

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