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CD Adds Modern Touch to ’70s Hits

By Vit Wagner Toronto Star In one of the more peculiar ironies in pop music history, Steely Dan went from being a ’70s studio band that didn’t tour to being a ’90s road act that didn’t have any new material to plug. But, like a weird, cosmic eclipse that occurs every few decades, the group’s […]

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Steely Dan Plays New Songs, Old Sound

By Dave Tianen Milwaukee Journal Back in 1979, a year of evil developments that included Three Mile Island and Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy?”, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (a.k.a. Steely Dan) released an album called Gaucho. And then they took a break. “Back in the ’80s, we decided to go our separate […]

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Steely Dan Takes Fans Down Memory Lane

By Candace Murphy San Jose Mercury News Every concert has its turning point. That point in the evening when the melange of notes, phrases and musical stylings that have tumbled out of those immense amps and woofers suddenly aligns and makes nothing but perfect sense. It is a point of unexpected delirium. Saturday at Steely […]

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Steely Dan Bridges the Gap

By Steve Hochman Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — “Here’s a tune from one of those albums in the mid-’70s,” said Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, introducing the song “Night by Night” on Tuesday at the Universal Amphitheatre. In recent Steely Dan tours, there would have been unmistakable irony to that remark, since there had been […]

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Steely Dan: Still Amazing After All These Years

By Scott Lewis Portland Oregonian Steely Dan Not many bands can take seven years between tours and two decades between studio albums and sound like they haven’t missed a beat. But then, not many bands are like Steely Dan. While the Blazers took a break from the Western Conference playoffs, Steely Dan nearly filled the […]

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Steely Dan: The Second Coming

Chinese music always sets me free Angular banjoes sound good to me Aja, when all my dime dancin’ is through I run to you. From “Aja” By Walter Becker & Donald Fagen By Paul Zollo The Performing Songwriter We’re in Manhattan, a couple weeks before the final Christmas of the 20th century. Donald Fagen and […]

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Are you smart enough to like it?

Steely Dan: named after a giant dildo, and still stimulating after a 20-year break By Euan Ferguson The Guardian “I don’t know if it’s the greatest chord in the world,” drawls Donald Fagen, sprawled all lugubrious over a chi-chi sofa in a forgettable New York hotel, “but it’s not bad. It’s a pretty good chord, […]

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Librarians on Acid

By Barney Hoskyns The Guardian Steely Dan have always split people down the middle. On one side sit major dudes like William Gibson, who delight in the apparent disjunction between their slick grooves and their mordant humour. On the other are elder statesmen like GLR’s Charlie Gillett, who once visibly grimaced when I asked him […]

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