Concert at Max’s Kansas City

Daily Variety

6 Songs 43 minutes
Max’s Kansas City, New York

Steely Dan, an East Coast hard-rock sextet, is making waves in their Gotham debut. They chart no new courses, but move musically and onstage as each tune gets full treatment.

Bass guitarist Walter Becker and Donald Fagen keyboards, who write all the material, were with Jay & the Americans. Lead vocalist David Palmer has previously been with Jake & the Family Jewels and the Quinaimes Band, while guitarist Jeff (Skunk) Baxter did a turn with Ultimate Spinach out of Boston.

Palmer is joined by Fagen on most of the vocals with all other members joining at times, especially drummer Jim Hodder and guitarist Denny Dias. Baxter also does turns on pedal steel guitar and congas. Fagen’s important electric keyboard includes piano, organ and synthesizer.

Most of the material is from Steely Dan’s debut album on ABC.


(Editor’s Note: Steely Dan performed at Max’s Kansas City from Nov. 1-7, 1972, a few weeks after their first concert tour, undertaken in support of their first album “Can’t Buy A Thrill,” in November.)

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